Short intro into Async development.

To explain Async, I think it would be best to establish a metaphor! Let’s give a stab at it, shall we?

Let’s imagine a chef in a kitchen preparing a big meal. There’s only one chef in this kitchen. The chef could prepare a turkey…

As you may already know, JavaScript (based on the ECMAScript [ES] standard) is an evolving language. Over time we have had several iterations. For the most part, ECMAScript’s evolution has changed to incorporate more features and language constructs over time (think ES6 arrow functions, class syntax, let, and const vs…

Note: The following article assumes you have knowledge of Redux.


Part of the value of using Redux is that it provides a centralized way to control the data of an application. In a standard React-Redux application, any child component can connect to the store directly from anywhere in the app…

Prevent XSS?

XSS, or Cross-Site Scripting, is a technique that enables attackers to run externally injected JavaScript in the context of the attacked page. Once the attackers manage to do so, it can access the full range of web APIs.

Some XSS attack may look the following:

  • The attacker finds input fields…

Kirill Chaim Shcherbina

Passionate Programmer. Independent Thinker. Caring Father. Graduate of Flatiron Bootcamp for Software Development. Currently seeking new opportunities.

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