Short intro into Async development.

To explain Async, I think it would be best to establish a metaphor! Let’s give a stab at it, shall we?

Let’s imagine a chef in a kitchen preparing a big meal. There’s only one chef in this kitchen. The chef could prepare a turkey…

As you may already know, JavaScript (based on the ECMAScript [ES] standard) is an evolving language. Over time we have had several iterations. For the most part, ECMAScript’s evolution has changed to incorporate more features and language constructs over time (think ES6 arrow functions, class syntax, let, and const vs…

The Problem

In arrays we are with ease able to locate the elements we are looking for. However there is a major issue with adding anything to the beginning of an array. We have to push over all the elements of (a possibly very large) array. …

Having gone to through Asyncrony in my last article, I want to go through Async and Await.

The basics of async/await

There are two parts to using async/await in your code.

The async keyword

First of all we have the async keyword, which you put in front of a function declaration to turn it into an async…

JavaScript is sometimes a bit confusing. It has a native type Object. How does that relate to Object-Orientation? And how does the desire to avoid repeating ourselves relate to them both?

Constructor Functions

It’s sometime handy to represent data with objects, which gives us key/value pairs. …

Note: The following article assumes you have knowledge of Redux.


Part of the value of using Redux is that it provides a centralized way to control the data of an application. In a standard React-Redux application, any child component can connect to the store directly from anywhere in the app…

So I’m very excited to announce that in my recent project I used Axios for the first time!

I decided to make a small write-up about it so others could share my experience.


Axios can be installed to be used in Node.js using npm:

npm install axios

In the browser…

Prevent XSS?

XSS, or Cross-Site Scripting, is a technique that enables attackers to run externally injected JavaScript in the context of the attacked page. Once the attackers manage to do so, it can access the full range of web APIs.

Some XSS attack may look the following:

  • The attacker finds input fields…

For this article I decided to focus more on the simple basics of JavaScript. One of the basics in JS is DOM manipulation.


DOM programming is using JavaScript to:

  1. Ask the DOM to find an HTML element or elements in the rendered page
  2. Remove the selected element(s) or add a…

Express validator is one of the many npm packages for validating a request an express application.

I recently used express validator in a project and stumbled upon a few challenges which I'm going to share in this article.

When you visit the express validator docs, you’d notice the way the…

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